For Less than an in-house salary, you can hire a team of expert brand-builders.



Growing Brand Awareness

Price: Starting at $1499 per month.

Everything starts with traffic. Your company is carving a niche in a massive market and consumers need to know you are available. We will handle branding your company on all platforms needed to stand out.


Facebook Content Creation & Funneling

Price: Starting at $2500 per month.

Facebook content is very important source to capture customer's attention while looking for businesses like yours. We will produce next level content to keep and to gain brand awareness. That then leads to qualified leads for your business!

With a foundation to start ad spend on Facebook we can now funnel potential customers to your site. We will place ads strategically in front of ideal customers and provide a value for them to in exchange for their information. We will then funnel them to promote brand awareness and increase sales & overall traffic!


Project-based services


Creative Direction

We will create all of your social media content & develop a strategy that is focused around increasing sales, customer leads, traffic to a specific landing page or streaming service, or brand awareness.


Influencer Campaigns

Our team helps you leverage brand advocates & create tastefully-branded content that drives traction from their loyal followings to our clients.


Media Buying

Get in front of new or returning customers on something that they are already on - their social media platforms.


N2 Talent

We plan, create, and produce a detailed year-long strategy for up-and-coming Personality Brands, as well as brands that already have an established following. This includes, but is not limited to, celebrities, musicians, athletes, business executives, etc.


N2 Beta

Providing digital marketing and growth strategies for high-growth Startups and Small Businesses.

Receive guidance from our team of CMO-level experts on how to launch, scale, and invigorate your businesses bringing in over $1M in revenue annually.


N2 Experience

We take pride in finding all of the information needed to capitalize on the culture, by finding under priced attention and understanding emerging trends.



We specialize in utilizing a careful mixture of paid media and content creation can provide the boost you're looking for in product sales. Our team will put a strategy together that focuses on boosting your brand awareness and selling more products on social media. 


N2 Solutions

These sessions will be to set goals, share tips on getting maximum results from using leads brought to your profile, any specified targets, and other information. You will receive a detailed report of the findings with suggestions on how to improve weak areas & how to leverage your strengths.


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