Your Business Guide To Snapchat Geofilter Marketing


Snapchat may be the newest and most popular social media platform but that doesn’t mean it’s just a fad. Snapchat is here to stay and that is why it’s the perfect time to hop on board with it and take advantage of its features to boost your brand awareness, increase user traffic, and ultimately drive bottom line sales !

What is a Snapchat geofilter you ask?

Geofilters are overlays that you can put over a photo or video. They can be completely customized to display any brand message to help promote your event, product and/or brand. What makes them so unique is that you can custom design them, pick a specific date, time and location you want to have the sponsored Geofilter to be visible for your target market to use and share with their trusted friends.

How can Snapchat benefit your company?

Snapchat works great in many ways when it comes to marketing your event, product and/or brand. It’s the most effective way to reach a large specific audience in a short amount of time, it’s cost effective and a personalized way to be creative, AND it will boost your brand awareness significantly.

Snapchat is extremely cost effective right now. That is why it’s a important to start marketing now through Snapchat because Geofilter marketing is becoming more and more saturated as organizations realize it’s effectiveness to drive user decision making! The activation cost of your sponsored Geofilter will depend on the size of your location and the duration you want it to be available for your target market to use and share with their trusted friends.

Making a custom filter that is also easy on the budget seems like the perfect way to market your company and build awareness, doesn’t it? Its pretty simple: create, implement, and see results!

Targeting the right audience.


When launching a Snapchat geofilter you want to be using it not only for a purpose but with a specific goal and target audience.

Snapchat’s user base has been mainly Generation Z and Millennials, with a majority being younger than 24. Yet, 24 year olds and older are on-boarding Snapchat at a increasing rate.

It’s no question that Millennials and Generation Z are the biggest audience you can impact through Snapchat but Generation Z is a huge outlet as well. Social media has taken over the lives of people 34 years old and younger. When creating a Geofilter marketing strategy, it’s important to create it through the eyes of a young person in order to catch their attention. When used effectively, your geofilter has the potential of reaching thousands of people within seconds of launching. Everyone within these two generations are constantly on social media and if there’s a fun and exciting geofilter they can add to their photo/video it’s very likely they will be using it. This may sound repetitive, but these generations are the future and it’s time to start targeting them where their attention is — On Snapchat.

Brandon Poplstein