Instagram's Newest Feature.

What is Instagram Live?

Earlier this week Instagram launched it’s new “live” feature that allows users to broadcast to their following real-time. Instagram made sure to make it a unique experience for content creators and it has influencers and businesses thriving. Continue reading to see how this new feature can benefit you!

How This Differs From Snapchat And Facebook Live.

  • Instagram live does not store the video for later viewing. Meaning, once you stop recording your live video it is gone to all users. Unlike Snapchat, where you can watch stories over and over again for that full 24 hours.

  • Users will be able to discover live videos so users can tune into accounts that they may not be following. Enabling you to tap into an entirely new audience.


How Your Business Can Benefit From This Feature.

  • It’s easy to start and it enables you to engage with your followers on a more personal level.

  • The ability to send private (or public) live videos right to your followers! This can be useful for customer support, product giveaways, etc.

  • You can potentially gain followers with this feature. By posting public live videos, it may provoke more people to go and follow your account.

How Your Business Can Implement This Feature Into Their Daily Routine.

  • This feature gives you the chance to expand your content on all platforms. The cool thing about Instagram is everything you post can be shared through other social media accounts which create consistency in your content creation.

  • This is a great new way to display your company’s culture. By going “live” in your office, you’re giving your audience an entirely new insight to your company’s culture and workplace environment.

  • You can host Q&A discussions, tutorials, classes, demos etc. This in my opinion, is the best benefit within this new feature. This is where you can really show off all of that knowledge you have and boost your credibility at the same time!