Snapchat's Newest Features.

What is the Snapchat Groups Feature?

Snapchat’s new feature “Snap Groups” allows you to invite up to 16 of your friends and be a part of a group chat that can send photos and videos back and forth. This feature diminishes the hassle of having to go through your friend list and individually click on each name. This feature opens up the doors for even more communication capabilities through the app.


snapchat groups picture.png

How this can benefit your business.

  • Creating groups within your company will allow you to expand upon your current internal communication techniques. You can set up customized groups with certain people you are trying reach.
  • Send live videos or pictures all at once for time sensitive projects.
  • You can use “Snap Groups” to collaborate with clients by starting separate groups with whom you need to talk to about ongoing projects.
  • This feature is a quick, easy and effective way to communicate. It’s a great tool to incorporate into your daily schedule improving communication.

How can you implement it into the daily routine at your company.

  • Utilize it for short term projects, because you can create discussions that only last for 24 hours and in that time you’ll be able to communicate quickly and efficiently. It will expedite communications and potentially the project as a whole.
  • You can now separate work life from home life, by segmenting followers as friends or coworkers. You’ll be organized and can keep work and off-time separate.

Other new features Snapchat recently launched.

  • Scissors Feature: “Scissors” allows you to cut out a piece of a Snapchat and use it as it’s own sticker. Businesses can really benefit from this by having the capability to cut out graphics, and customize their posts or filters. It’s exceptionally effective if you’re running a promotion, because you can cut out that graphic as a custom sticker to add as additional branding to their filters.
  • Paintbrush Feature: Paintbrush is the newest way to be even more creative on Snapchat by adding artistic effects to your snaps saved in your memories. This feature can also play a huge role when it comes to branding your business.
  • Shazam Feature: Snapchat built in the Shazam feature directly into the app allowing you to identify a specific song playing while recording a Snapchat. Collaborating with Shazam on Snapchat is by far the most creative feature yet, you can add music on the spot!