Social Media: Boosting your nightclub's presence.

The biggest problem that occurs with a nightclub’s social media accounts is that they aren’t being used effectively. It seems to be more of the brand just being there on different social media platforms and not actually using them to their full advantage. For example, what makes a group of people choose a certain bar to go to over the weekends? Well, thats where your social media accounts can come into play. If you are effectively advertising what is going that weekend it will provoke people to choose your bar over another in the area.

Here I have listed a few benefits social media can have through audience engagement for your establishment. You can boost your engagement with your clients by pushing, paid ads, building up your social community, and Snapchat geofilters.

Paid Ad Campaigns- Paid ads are a great way to increase website traffic which leads to an increase in: sales, clients, event traffic, and awareness of involvement within your community. Incorporating paid ads into a marketing strategy will bring more people to your door because they will know who you are, where you are, and what you have to offer.

Build Your Social Community- Building your social community online is a great way to build your client base as well. The more people following you and engaging with your content will only build up your company’s credibility. If people are happy with your services they will tell their friends, who will then tell their friends and it’s endless cycle of generating traffic. Word of mouth marketing plays a huge role in this aspect.

Snapchat Geofilter Marketing- Geofilters are great way to represent your brand while also being interactive with your audience. Customize your geofilters by adding in your own logo, marketing message, and graphics catered to your brand. Being able to display your brand will allow you to promote events within the company. Whether that is drink specials, promotions, concert or guest appearances, sponsors that could hosting the event with you, etc. If you were to launch a custom a geofilter you are potentially reaching every single user in your club. Not only is your geofilter reaching everyone inside the venue but will spread to their thousands of trusted followers as well.