Is Your Social Media Failing?



Say you just posted a great, high quality picture that you’re so proud of. You expect it to easily hit 3k likes, make the explore page and get you a good amount of followers. BUT when you go back a couple hours later to check and see how the pic is doing, you only have 30 likes and one comment.



This should be a huge red flag that you might be doing something wrong with your social media. And there’s a ton of different reasons why a post doesn’t perform. From having the wrong posting time, to not having a solid caption. All of these are legitimate reasons that could be preventing you from reaching your maximum potential on social media.


How Else Can You Tell if Your Social Media is Failing? If your like average is low, you have a low amount of followers, you’re following more than your followers amount, barely any comments, no direct messages about anything relatable, etc. All of these go hand in hand when your social media is failing…


Luckily, N2 can help you improve!


So how do we make your social media a success?


The N2 team are professionals when it comes to anything social media, social media marketing and Facebook Ads.


So to start, having high quality, interesting content is the first step to improving your social media. Our creative team can create this for you. We make your page look more professional by providing more high-quality content and engaging captions that are sure to spark your customers interest.


BUT pictures aren’t just what it’s about.


With our in depth knowledge of Facebook Ads and social media marketing strategies, we know how to run specific ads that use targeting skills such as age range, gender, location, etc. and behavioral targeting (people of similar interests to you) which will get you and your content in front of the right people the most efficient way.


NtwoMedia can help you increase followers, engagement (comments, messages, likes), clients, leads and gain more attention across social media.


Ever see people with “Entrepreneur” or “Public Figure” under their name on Instagram? With every client we obtain, we make sure to have their page as a business page. This way we can see the analytics (such as your impressions, reach, profile views) of your page which will help us figure out who to target and how well your page is doing.


N2 can guarantee you more likes, comments, clients and leads. People will not follow, trust nor do business with a page that only has 200 followers, 50 likes and a couple comments. It’s just the way it is. Let us help you out and gain your credibility and engagement.


Just reach out to us so we can get your social media up and running.

Brandon Poplstein