How to Effectively Promote Your Business on Social Media

No one likes seeing “Buy This Service!” or “Try Our Product!” all over their social media. It’s annoying. And no one is going to buy from a place that has zero reviews and 200 followers. So how do you make your business grow and get your brand out there effectively?


If you’re a legit business, you already have a Facebook business page. And now, you can connect your Facebook business page with your Instagram page to make your Instagram look more official and professional. Believe it or not, having that title of a business owner on Instagram will make people view you as a legit business.


You have to have a strategy to promoting your business. You can’t just make a business page and expect it to run by itself. Positively post on all social media platforms- Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. about your business, daily thoughts, like your followers posts. It’s completely okay to have a mentor company to mock or take tips from! Take notice on how Wendy’s engages with their followers on Twitter or how smaller companies on Instagram will shout out their clients. Just be interactive!


Write blogs or make vlogs of your daily work life or tips for other entrepreneurs. Go live on Instagram to answer future clients’ questions, share more information about yourself and your brand, etc.


Engage, engage, engage. It helps promotes your brand in a positive, impacting way!


Advertisements do make an impact. BUT you have to make the advertisements unique and eye catching. Facebook will deprioritize your ad if it is too promotional. And if you’re human, you have skipped an ad before. It’s true that ads are hard to make effective enough to wear people will watch it, but N2 has Facebook Ad specialists that can help you in this field!


There’s more to it than just making advertisements. N2 can help promote your brand effectively, gain more followers/ clients and get your business out there.

Brandon Poplstein