NtwoMedia sits down with Cole Tomko and Cassidy King

Cole Tomko

As a 20 year old Hip-Hop Artist from Mentor, OH decided to collab with NtwoMedia to help structure his social media platforms for his music career. 

Cole began making music when he was in high school and the more he did it the more it grew into one of his passions. People started to recognize Cole and wanted to hear more of his music. His musical background is predominately absent but that did not stop him from pursuing this lifestyle.

Cole states, "I don't have much of a musical background at all. I gained a love for hip hop music above all, which is a different style coming from a town that is mostly caucasian." 

He started making music simply as a hobby at first but grew to love it more than he imagined he would. He continues to push himself everyday to get better and continue to make the best music he is capable of creating. His influences come from hip-hop artists that are doing all the things he hopes to accomplish one day.

Genre is a huge part of the music industry. Cole has personal thoughts as to what genre of music he falls under. 

He says, "I have always talked about things I go through and the things people can relate to but I always keep it to a style that is mine and unique to me. I can say it is finally starting to work.  I may have a little acoustic/hip-hop tape in works coming out soon here but all I can say is, my style is basically anything I want it to be".

He also says, "Lately though, I have found a great interest in the nostalgic aspect of art and music. I like seeing retro ideas paired with new ones. The way musicians before my time used what they had at their disposal to make sounds that influenced today and that is why I probably like it so much."

Over the past year of Cole making music he has learned a lot about himself and the things that come along with it. For instance he says, "I've learned that fame is not what this is about. I'm finally starting to pin point what people like about me, what I am talented at, and a sounds that is unique to me". 

Cole's final remarks,  "I cannot thank anyone enough that supports me. Everyone that reaches out, shows support, I appreciate you so much. Nobody helps you, you just got to get it. That's something I still learn and work at everyday. If you got something you want to push yourself to get it. 

Thank You!" 

Link to music.

Instagram: @cole_tomko


Link to Music:

Instagram: @ cassidyyking


Cassidy King

Cassidy King, a beauty of her own, started singing as a hip-hop artist. She is a 19 year old working her way up from Chardon, OH. 

Cassidy explains her reason for getting into music.

She says, " I realized I wanted to make music the minute I wrote my first song. I took my feelings and wrote them down on a piece of notebook paper. It came so natural to me. I was able to let out anything I had inside. I was never the one who could talk about things that were going on inside my head, but when i started writing it down I could say anything I was feeling with no limitations."

Cassidy's hometown is a place where everyone knows everyone. She learned a lot growing up in this area.

For instance she says, " I learned that you can't stay closed up in a bubble your whole life. You really got to explore things outside of where you're from. That's where I found myself."

R&B gives Cassidy the majority of her inspiration, especially when she writes music. She says, "Being able to make people really feel through music is something that R&B does so well while putting soul into the vocals. I try to bring that to the table every time I do a song. I also listen to a lot of classical music from the 60's because this music was just a mic and a person, no autotune, reverb, or any voice edit that people use now a days. It  was just pure talent."

Cassidy's looks up to hip-hop artists Russ & Kelhani because they sing about things deeper than just music. She has gained a lot of respect for these music artists because they came from nothing and made something out of it and their music goes to show for it.

Cassidy strives to work on her music for the passion she has for it and the fact that it truly helps other people get through things. She sees her purpose with music.

She ended saying, "The future of my career is selling out shows around the world, and being able to make music where I want and whenever I want no matter the circumstances, There's no limit to my future. I just want to keep growing. I'm constantly in competition with myself, to make myself better than the last."

"Self believe is the only thing that matters."