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Fuego Haze, a talented hip-hop rapper from Louisville, Kentucky is one of NtwoMedia's newest clients. Fuego's journey has been one for the books. As a young teen he knew he had to do whatever it took to support himself and chase the lifestyle he knew he was capable of.

Fuego said, "Growing up in Jeffersonville, IN was like a small town film".

To better describe that statement, he has experienced things that you would see in a movie. Fuego's life growing up wasn't cars, money, etc. but consisted of having no car and taking the city Tarc Bus transportation system everywhere he went. This began to humble him as an individual that there is so much more that can be created for his life and that the only person going to do that was HIM.

He saw that other people really go from struggling but battle through and reach success. It takes energy everyday to work on your passion and that's exactly what Fuego does.

As crazy as it sounds, Fuego started rapping in elementary school because he was consistently around music. He told NtwoMedia that his mom always played music when he was little and he believes thats his reason for the love of it & what influenced him to start recording. 

Old & new rap is the main inspiration that motivates him to be better. He calls this kind of music "real rap" and says "all that bubble gum music is just a distraction". 

The everyday grind of producing music is hard and a hustle. Fuego truly pushes himself everyday because he has hopes to take care of his people when he makes it. He wants them to be well off or at least give them a part of that life through himself. 

Working with Fuego has opened NtwoMedia's eyes to the future of helping our clients. There are so many artists like Fuego Haze who have the desire, grind, and respect for the music they make. 

Check out Fuego's newest hit, "Had Too", on his SoundCloud. Link Down Below.


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#HadToo Video Coming Soon!

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Louisville hottest hip-hop artists Fuego Haze drops new music video "Had Too". Check it out here.