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Say you're hanging out on the sofa, scrolling on your phone, looking up at the tv every now and then when a commercial really catches your eye. It's an Express commercial where you don't shop very often but the model extremely familiar. You put your phone down, take a closer look and it's Steph Curry. The Golden State Warrior's MVP Steph Curry. An athlete on a clothing commercial? You never would have taken a second glance if that wasn't Steph Curry rocking a suit that now all the sudden looks super clean.  

You would never guess that an NBA superstar who is always on the court would model Express Men or advertise an insurance company such as State Farm. This is actually super common for athletes and companies to link up and create endorsement deals that benefit both parties. Steph Curry is a star athlete on the court with an annual salary of about 34 million yet he also has multiple endorsement deals that not only make him more money and engagement than he already is but that company gets more engagement, their name advertised and higher sales. This generation's use of social media marketing is the way to go for athletes so they can utilize online player marketability, monetization techniques, and create endorsement opportunities.


Comparing the difference in players with low marketability versus high marketability is pretty easy! So for example, NtwoMedia has evaluated two Instagram accounts both of which are NBA athletes, CJ Miles who has low marketability and Nick Young who has high marketability, to show how social media marketing is very important and beneficial to an athlete.



As you may know, CJ Miles plays for the Indiana Pacers. Being on such a great team, CJ [currently] has around 67,000 followers on IG and around 31,000 followers on Twitter. Although this may seem like a lot to a college student or a small business owner, the crazy thing is as a professional athlete, he could and should have way more.

Unfortunately, problem number one is his SMO, Social Media Optimization. His username [masfresco] does not match his real name. Therefore, people that are trying to search him on IG can't find him or have a hell of a time trying to. Many people who don't see his name pop up right away assume that he doesn't have one or the topic of discussion is already moved on with by the time they find his page. As cool as masfresco sounds, SMO is so important and having your actual name or something close is so much more beneficial. 

                NICK YOUNG


Nick Young is a prime example of having high marketability. Nick is sitting around 2.8 million followers [currently] on Instagram and around 401,000 on Twitter. That's a lot.

Posting on social media is one thing but to have high quality content is another. Which his posts do have high quality content and this attracts an even higher fan base. Check out his Instagram here -> Nick Young IG

Nick or also known as @swaggyp1 on Twitter has a high post frequency which means he likes to engage with his audience. How cool would it be to watch Nick Young go live or maybe even subtweet you? You would tell everyone you know about it and they would more than likely go follow him.

Young does a great job of showing what he does off the court. Whether it's repping his own clothing line or just grabbing some lunch. Fans will eat that up. He consistently lets his fans know what he is doing day to day because he knows that his fans want to know what goes on his life. 


Athletes are known to be promoted on and off the field so why not use this to one’s advantage! Let's go back to Steph Curry for example. He promotes Under Armour as well as many other brands. Under Armour already being a multi millionaire company, when Steph Curry wears and promotes their brand, both on and off the court, this increases their sales, Curry's revenue and even the NBA Warriors' sales on jerseys, merch, etc.

By Curry and Under Armour linking up, he is creating more revenue for not only himself but his team which makes him more valuable as an athlete and a player for the Warriors. Key word is valuable. Being more valuable will open up so many more deals and opportunities whether they're 10K or 250K endorsement deals. 

Companies want their brand to be represented with a respected and dedicated athlete who also has a great presence on social media because that makes them more known and more money while it does the same for the athlete. It's a win win situation. 


Whether you're new to whole social media marketing world or not, you can't help but be interested in how much attention is on social media. But, how can you capitalize on this attention and make it beneficial for your brand? Companies everywhere are constantly looking for athletes that are active and engage with their fans on social media. Athletes that have large followings are more likely to get these endorsement opportunities because companies are getting more bang for their buck as they get their product in front of more people.

Although sports and social media don't seem like they would overlap often, these campaigns have proven to be very beneficial to both the athlete and the company. 

athletes' INVOLVEMENT in the community

Everybody loves an athlete that gives back to their community. As an athlete, you want to take full advantage of this opportunity to engage with fans and make a positive impact on your community. Documenting this through video and sharing this experience on social media for your fans to see will do wonders for your personal brand both on and off the field. 

Players like Peyton Manning and David Beckham are examples of respected athletes that interact in their community and are part of huge organizations that they care about. Manning is a part of the Red Cross, Phoenix House, and March of Dimes. Great guy, right? His fans see that through social media. And David Beckham is involved in organizations like Malaria No More, Red Cross, and Peace One Day. Even more of an inspiration. Athletes that do these things are respected and more valuable to their audience when they dedicate time, volunteer help, and push/ raise money for these organizations.



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