Why Upcoming Artists Should Network with Other Artists & Producers


Why Mentors Are Important, Even to Artists

Having thousands or even tens of thousands of fans, likes and retweets of your content is a great feeling. BUT don’t let all the fame get to your mind too much. There’s still more to do if you’re trying to make it big, get signed and have a successful career.

Don’t Get Lost in the Sauce

Of course having talent and valuable content is the sole way to become popular but having solid connections, reaching out to people and networking are also very, very important. Just because you’re posting great videos and you made it to the popular page does not equal a one way ticket to being signed on Wiz Khalifa’s or Pharrell’s record label. You have to reach out to other artists, producers and record labels.

The best way to reach out to higher up artists, record labels and producers who receive hundreds of messages a day is best through email if they have one provided. If not, a simple direct message will do!

The Whys and Hows of Networking

Who to reach out to exactly? If you message Wiz Khalifa along with the other few hundred thousand people, you’re not likely to get a response. Go for approachable people and producers such as smaller labels and producers based in California, New York or even Florida.

How to reach out to people? You can easily search for other artists and producers on Soundcloud, Twitter; Noisey for example, Instagram and music related hashtags, Facebook pages and even LinkedIn.

What should you say? Be kind and genuine but to the point. Don’t send them a book about you and your hobbies because most likely they will not have time to read it. And another thing, do not beg anyone for anything. Professional artists and producers do not attend to that. All you have to do is send a simple email or DM that says: “Hi ___! My name is ___ and I’m a young artist looking for a mentor or just some tips and advice to help me out with how to share and promote my brand and music!” or “Hello ___! Very Interested in connecting with you. I think we could benefit each other. Check out my music and let’s network!” and maybe a link or sample of your content.

Why is this beneficial to upcoming artists? Getting to know people gets your name and reputation out there as well as your content and what your goals are. Maybe who you DM can’t help you but they might have a friend that can. Meet and network with as many people as you can especially higher up people and with similar interests. You’d be surprised how far just knowing the right person can get you.

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To: Upcoming Artists, From: N2

It’s not hard to send a few messages out everyday to multiple people because although you won’t get a response from everyone, you will most likely get a few if you reach out to enough people! Just put the time and research in!

And if you’re having trouble finding out who to reach out to exactly, N2 can help guide you to the right people to connect with. N2 has good connections and has worked with famous artists such as Top5 and 21 Savage. Although those artists aren’t record labels, they would be a great connection to branch off of and N2 can help you with that.


Stand Out

It’s hard enough to get a response or even be recognized by other artists and producers just because of the amount of messages they’re getting on a daily basis. So one way to improve your chances and even your follower base is to make sure your content whether they’re pictures or videos are of good quality. Either taken with a Canon or even the portrait mode on your iPhone 7. Your pictures should be mostly off guard, sharpened to the right amount, not grainy and not too busy. Having pictures that stand out will make people take a double take at your picture thinking it’s from a famous page and they’ll most likely click on your profile to check you out.

It is your page but you don’t want to have any bias captions, quotes or pictures on there that could offend a race, sex or religion because you could be risking fans and followers. This applies to your captions as well. Make your captions something positive or motivational or even a question to get some engagement. Also use hashtags. Don’t underestimate them. So by having cool, appropriate content and captions, it will bring you more likes, more views and more fans/followers.

That goes into a whole other issue. Do not buy your likes or followers. Producers and artists will notice I promise and just think you’re fake. Either invest and let N2help you grow your account or gain more followers on your own. The more followers, the better chance you have at getting a response. Why would an agency notice your page with around 200 followers and few grainy videos rather than a quality page with 10K followers? Your page can still express who you are, just build up your fan base as much as possible.

Building your fan base can happen through hashtags, videos, sharing your content with friends and across social media and links to your Soundcloud or twitter or even iTunes.

How do you think Mac Miller got signed by Wiz? Or Famous Dex being signed by Rich the Kid?

Keep On Going

Reaching out can easily get your name out there and once you and your video connect with the right person, you’re off! Just because you’re getting some attention doesn’t guarantee you a record deal. The more down to earth you are and share your name, brand and music, the better off you will be becoming famous and getting a deal.

Networking is so important in any career. You have to constantly be willing to work, work and work some more on yourself as an artist, your content and most importantly your networking and communication skills.

Brandon Poplstein