Listen up Real Estate Agents, Snapchat is in the House


Who would have thought that a Real Estate Agency and Snapchat, the app mainly thought to belong to millennials, could work together?

Believe it or not, Snapchat isn’t just for the younger generation. People in their late twenties, in their thirties and even mid forties are using Snapchat more and more everyday... There’s probably even some grandmas out there on Snapchat.

Surprisingly in the next couple of years Snapchat will eventually become just as popular as Facebook for people in that age range. And this can heavily benefit realtors out there if they get on the Snapchat train.

How would a realtor go about this?

Create a Snapchat Geofilter. These are unique, creative filters that you can use to promote you as a realtor along with the area that your listings are located. Or even better (and smarter), you can create filters at some of the local restaurants, parks or bars to find out who and where people like to hang out. Because most likely if people like to hang out in a certain area every weekend such as downtown Tampa, FL, you can infer that the zestful 30- year old couple would enjoy living in a million dollar condo in the hotspot of Tampa.

Guess who is going to win that business?

The real estate agent who is smart enough to create a filter on Snapchat and seek out who and where all the action is happening. Seriously, don’t underestimate Snapchat.

Have a professional Snapchat. This can be just the same as having a profile on or because due to the fact that Snapchat’s age range is growing and Snapchats have limited time (24 hours), people are more likely to view your stories.  And they will be more focused and interested in your listings. Snapchat now allows one minute videos where you as a realtor can use this to your advantage. You can create a story of you touring or giving a sneak peak of the house up for sale.

This gives people a personal feel of you as a realtor and even better, a closer look at a lot that they may be interested in. And, even take a few snaps with the new, happy buyers. People love seeing other people happy and if they see a hip, fun realtor making those buyers happy, they will lean towards contacting you rather than the boring old man in a business suite on a yard sign.

Interested buyers will surely appreciate the quick tours and the personal connection. And most importantly, with the up to date marketing, it makes it easier for them to see what lots you have to offer and eliminates wasting their time, which they will appreciate!


Get ahead of the competition and look into the possibilities that Snapchat can easily provide for you as a realtor.

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Brandon Poplstein