Using Instagram Live as a Real Estate Agent


What’s a real estate agent without buyers? And how do you even get buyers without marketing?

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Picture Attributions

It’s 2017. The way to effectively market is almost all virtual. Especially through the social media app, Instagram. Realtors such as Bryan Casella, Loida Velasquez and Lance Tuazon and more are pros at marketing on Instagram Live. And that's probably why they do so well in the real estate game. Check out some other successful real estate agent's Instagram who use Instagram live, Instagram stories and Instagram in general to their advantage. ☟

With Instagram being the world’s fastest growing networking site, many businesses use IG to their advantage when it comes to advertising their brand or product. And with Instagram’s newest feature- Instagram Live. This makes marketing easy, twice as more interactive and more personable. Ideal for a realtor! 

Marketing, especially as a realtor (due to the huge amount of competition out there) isn’t easy. Instagram Live can make it easier you...

IG live can easily make marketing your lots a hell of a lot easier than sticking a sign in the yard with your face on it. Using Instagram live and doing virtual open houses will be a monumental move.

With IG live, you can see who is in your live, who is commenting, who is obviously interested, etc. Say if you went live and someone commented “What neighborhood is this house located in?” or “Does this house have a fenced in backyard?” and you can answer them right away!

You’re killing two birds with one stone here because you can talk to multiple interested buyers all in a certain amount of time.  

This gives people a personal feel of you as a realtor AND a free walk through of the house that they might want to purchase. People will love to see an open house over the phone and get a more in depth description on a couple of the lots that you’re selling. This will be more efficient and save time for both you and the buyer. And also, they’ll appreciate to see who they’d be buying from exactly.

Who would you chose if you were going to buy a house through a man on a yard sign that you’ve talked to once or twice over the phone OR the hip, outgoing realtor who is constantly engaging on all social media profiles, giving out some info about the lots up for sale and has a great way of communicating?

And if that doesn’t give you enough incentive to go start making IG live stories, you can even run your Ads through an Instagram story. As much as IG live is interactive, IG stories can be a beneficial way of marketing too! You can announce when you’ll be going live, pictures of the houses up for sale, pictures of you and your happy buyers, your business links, advertisements… The possibilities are endless.

Use IG live to your advantage as a realtor and get ahead of the game. IG live is for anyone and everyone, you just have to know how to use it effectively for what you’re selling.

Happy marketing!

Brandon Poplstein