Having A Strong Social Media Presence As A Fitness Trainer



Having an interest in fitness means you enjoy working out, eating healthy and sharing a few pictures of your progress for your own benefit. BUT being passionate about fitness is taking it to the next level...

For people who are passionate about fitness a.k.a. fitness trainers, being healthy is not only a lifestyle for you but you want to inspire and support others on why and how to be healthy.


So how do you successfully inspire/ support others, sponsor fitness brands and make money while sharing your passion for fitness?

N2 has some advice for all the up and coming fitness trainers out there.


Start by creating multiple social media platforms- Youtube, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook... YouTube and Instagram are the most popular platforms for the sharing of fitness tips and videos. Creating a personal website wouldn’t be a bad idea either to really make you official.  In your bio, share your fitness goals, your interests and a link or two to your other social media sites or even a link to your meal plans or website if you have one!

Check out these inspirational fitness bloggers below



Create content that your fitness hungry followers can benefit from. This might take a little investment if you don’t own a smartphone or a nice camera. But taking high quality pictures and videos is the next step to gaining fitness followers.

Everytime you go to work out at the gym or even at home (make sure your area is clean and presentable. No one is going to take advice from a fitness trainer who has bad lighting and a box of donuts in the background), video it! Share what workout you’re doing, what muscle it targets, how many reps/ sets, etc.


Take pictures of what healthy, nutritious things you’re eating for the day. Share how many carbs, calories and how many grams of protein you take in a day. Post informational pictures of what’s good for you and what’s bad for you.

Everything you post needs to be positive and supportive. Whether it’s a before and after picture of yourself, a quote or shouting out a follower. Not many people are proactive about working out and being healthy so sharing positive quote with a supportive caption or giving an inspirational “You can do it!” speech over a video can go a long way.

Overall, have pleasing content. Don’t just post leg workouts or just protein or just selfies. Post a mix of pictures of your workouts, fitness tips, supportive quotes, happy selfies, your favorite protein bar or powder. Post your work out videos that go into depth about how to do them.

Comment back and engage with followers or people who ask for more tips. Even going out of your way to kindly Direct Message them can really gain you a loyal client. The more followers and engagement, the more official you look as a trainer.

So build up your content, be as helpful and positive as can be and interact with your followers!


It’s okay to share your progress as well. Before and after pictures can be very inspirational. Sharing your story will make you more relatable and personable. Not being afraid to show your progress will let your followers know that you too were once not unhealthy or not happy with your body but change is possible. People who want to make a change will deeply respect you for this.

To look more official as a fitness trainer, you need to have pleasing content and good amount of loyal followers. Follow people from other famous fitness accounts is an easy way to start gaining some followers.

The more quality content, the more followers and fitness related tips and tricks you have on your page, people interested in fitness or maybe just eating better will follow you because they see potential in your page.


To look more official as a fitness trainer, you need to have pleasing content and good amount of loyal followers. Follow people from other famous fitness accounts is an easy way to start gaining some followers. People interested in fitness and who want to make a change in their lifestyle will follow you if your content and attitude is in the right direction. Because that’s the first step to change is being positive. Radiating positivity will bring your more followers and business while inspiring person after person. And all you’re doing is correctly and effectively sharing your passion of fitness with the world.

Brandon Poplstein