How To Have An Aesthetic Feed on Instagram



We all follow those people who we crave our feed to look like. Whether it’s Jack Gilinsky, Sav Montano, Arian Ney or Aspen Mansfield. I’m guilty, you’re guilty but that’s okay. We just want to have fire feeds too. Here’s how...


First of all, think about WHY you follow people like the ones above. Of course you're probably a fan of theirs but you enjoy seeing their quality, vibrant, eye catching photos. If they posted one or twice every couple months with grainy, bad lighting or half faced selfies, you probably would not follow them...

Having eye catching photos is the key to getting your pictures out there on the popular page for people to see. (The popular page or the explore page, whatever you chose to call it, it's all based on how many likes your picture gets and the type of pictures you like). This will lead you to get more followers as well.

If you don't have a photographer friend and want a high quality, fire feed then i suggest you hire one (Make sure their good. And legit...). You're going to have to do regular photo shoots with change of outfits and locations. No one wants to see you in the same outfit 10 pictures in a row. I'm sure you own more than that outfit. 

Using a nice camera is how to have high quality content like these social media influencers and models. For example, take notice on the resolution, vibrance, saturation, hardness, focus and clarity of these ☟


Now, you can use portrait mode on your iPhone BUT this is only suggested for people who know how to use it. So don't ask your grandma to take a picture of you and use portrait mode thinking you're getting all these great shots because you'll be there all day. 

There's photographers all around every city and neighborhood so just ask around yours! You'll be sure to find one with a nice Nikon or Canon.


We all have used a filter or five. I'm not talking Snapchat. Keep Snapchat filters ON Snapchat. Don't post your flower crown or dog filter on Instagram because in all honesty, if you're going for a famous fire feed, those are not the way to go. You don't see Kendall Jenner or Sofia Riche posting those. Some of N2's favorite places to get filters from are VSCO, Instagram, Airbrush and Afterlight

☞ In VSCO, some of the most popular pages used are "C1", "P5" and "JM1". Some more popular IG filters are "Juno", "Aden" and "Ludwig". ☜ 

By touch ups, we mean slightly airbrush that pimple. And appropriately whiten your teeth. Brighten your eyes. Blur the background so the focus is on you. A little touch up never hurt anybody. Just don't OVER DO IT. Which can easily happen so beware.



Your feed is about YOUR life. So don't post other people as the center of attention of the photo. Post good selfies taken by that photographer. Every once in awhile a good old hand held selfie is cute. But to become that famous IG model, you need to have off guards, candids, pictures taken of you, etc.

Don't post the sunset 7 times in a row. A sunset or beach horizon picture here and there is fine if that's what you want your feed to be themed. But you need to have a good amount of you, your hobbies, your favorite products, and a few scenery pictures.

So just don't post all the same thing! It'll get boring!


You can follow trends and still be YOU. Post about you and your life.

Notice how the famous IG goers post about their favorite food, their favorite place, their children or family, their vacation spot. 

You can have a fire feed and still post what you want. Your feed portrays who you are.



Brandon Poplstein