The Best Way To Make Your Fitness Blog A Success


We’ve all seen or even follow the typical fitness account with the typical flex and pose pictures. Those are great don’t get me wrong. It’s awesome to see people’s progress and support them. BUT if you’re trying to start your own fitness blog, here’s some tips on where to start and how to be different!


Although the Instagram famous fitness professionals such as Steve CookPaige HathawayDevin PhysiqueDevon MorettiKaty Hearn, the list goes on and on get thousands of likes, comments and shares on their lit fitness pictures, it doesn't mean you should post EXACTLY what they're posting. People love individualism. And that's how you make your fitness profile attractive to people by being distinct and unique... 

I'm sure you have a secret favorite workout that people would love to know. Post about your life, your progress, your passion. You can still share your life as well as continue your fitness blog. Tammy Hembrow does a fantastic job of this. (Before her recently made fitness page→tammyhembrowfitness.) She attracts many audiences and differentiates her feed by posting her favorite workouts, her children, her husband, her favorite workout clothing, scenery pictures of her vacations, her healthy snacks, videos, etc. 

Don't be like every other fitness page put there with JUST workout pictures and videos. Post a good mix of things about you, your life and your fitness passion! 


Along with health and fitness comes being supportive and positive. People (especially females) admire positivity quotes and health tips. They can really brighten up your page and break up all the work out pictures and videos all while positively impacting your followers! You can even create a pattern or theme using quotes and your other posts by making a column of just different positive, inspirational health quotes or posting a quote, picture, quote, picture and so on! Take a look at fitness_tips ☟


There's a lot of possibilities when it comes to making your feed unique, eye catching and positive. Because positivity goes along with health and fitness.Picture this, someone who is losing hope about their fitness goal sees your inspirational post that catches their eye and they click on your profile, see you have more things to offer (work out videos, healthy meal plans, more positive quotes etc.). And boom! A new loyal follower.

Check out Pinterest or BrainyQuote or even come up with a quote and make your own picture in the PicsArt App


Being a fitness blogger, you want to share knowledge of fitness. And you can do this by posting tips and facts through a picture or even a quick video! You can post about how to diet, what's high in protein, what exercises target what area, building muscle vs toning, etc. 

People love seeing others' progress and inspirational quotes but tips and facts about health and fitness is a great way to bring people to your page. 

Because the real reason why people follow fitness blogs is to be motivated and LEARN how to be healthy and fit!


Don't think hashtags are just for teenage girls and Cochella. Use hashtags to your advantage! There's a whole hashtag pool for fitness blogs. You can use up to 30 hashtags. Don't be ashamed! Hashtag what muscle you're working, what day it is, what gym you're in, what workout wear you're wearing, etc! It can bring a lot of traction to your page. N2 found a website with all the fitness hashtags you'll ever need Hashtags Here


And don't forget to be interactive in your captions and stories as well so your followers get a sense of you as a person. Be energetic! Post a story or two of you talking about how being healthy and fitness has changed your life or a quick tip/ positive quote to kick someones day off with. In your captions, let your followers know they can DM you or email you for more information on a certain workout or meal plan!

The more personable you are, the more your followers will engage and go to you as their favorite fitness blog!


People will no longer have to follow a motivational quotes account AND a fitness tips account AND a fitness model AND a fitness transformation page because your page will be all they need! 

For more help on what to post, check out our blog Having A Strong Social Media Presence As A Fitness Trainer

Brandon Poplstein