Hashtags? Do You Still Use Them?


Remember hashtags? You either see people using NO hashtags which is most common, or people using 30, which is annoying… You’ve used at least one hashtag in your life. Admit it. People are almost ashamed to use hashtags now a days. Which is NOT how people should feel!

Hashtags are very beneficial. And they aren’t just on Instagram anymore. You can use hashtags to your advantage on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and even LinkedIn. Here’s how to use hashtags efficiently and correctly☟



Hashtags are there for a reason. Not just to be spammy and annoying. Go back to the good old times where Instagram and hashtags had just been created. Can you remember the real reason for hashtags? Engagement. Relevance. To gain more followers with similar interests. Meet new people.

How great is that?

If you’re trying to grow your page and reach new people, then hashtags have never gone out of style. Utilize the power of hashtags! They literally can help get your page MORE traction, reach so many NEW people, get you MORE followers, ATTRACT clients to your business. Whatever you’re posting about, your friends, happiness quotes, your business, hashtags can help increase your reach and the awareness of your page.


When using hashtags, make them relevant to your post. Someone who is looking for new clients for their business will not want to see pictures of your new kitten or what you had for lunch today. They will most likely not follow you. That’s not the way to get new followers. Target your audience.

If you are a young entrepreneur, post hashtags relating to entrepreneurship: #businessman, #hardwork, #entrepreneurship, etc.

If you are a hairdresser, post hashtags like #highlites, #baylage, #freshcut, #(insert city or name of salon).

If you’re a mother who works from home, post hashtags such as #workfromhome, #lovemyjob, #myfamilytime, #happywithmyjob etc.

Or even start using your own consistent hashtag i.e. #NtwoMedia. Hashtag events or hot topics (mostly for Twitter).

Using hashtags is an easy way to network, meet with/ follow new, like-minded people. And one follow might even lead to a friendship. You never know!


So how many hashtags should you use? The maximum (on Instagram) is 30. Which is totally fine! But the best amount of hashtags to use is actually 11 (louisem.com)! Using 2 hashtags will most likely not make a difference.

Hashtags can be spammy. Let’s face the elephant in the room. But it doesn’t mean you have to post less hashtags. There’s two ways to sneakily place your hashtags on your post if you would like to hide your 30 hashtags.

1. Post your hashtags in the comments! After three or four people comment on your post, your comment is hidden from view (unless someone clicks comments & scrolls up).

2. Make your caption (in the Notes App), then do a “●” Enter “●” Enter ”●” Enter AND then post all your hashtags! This is how it will look:


It's easy to get sucked up into thinking that all the most popular hashtags are the best to use...


Your goal of hashtags is to have a few popular ones and majority semi popular where you have a chance to hit the "Top Posts" on that hashtag. 

Don't Underestimate Hashtags

Take these tips and use your hashtags effectively on your next fire post! Tag #NtwoMedia if this blog helped you understand hashtags on another level!

Brandon Poplstein