6 Ways To Outsmart IG's New Algorithm


Let's face it...

Instagram's new algorithm is stressing everyone out.

We can say good-bye to the good old days of a chronological algorithm, finding new, similar people to follow and easily growing your account. Just when everyone had it figured out, Instagram said "Nope! Sorry!"

As a social media agency, we have to stay on top of shit when Instagram decides to throw a curve ball. As IG doesn't give out secrets, we've done a substantial amount of research and here's what we've found... 

Here's the thing, when you post a picture, it is now only shown to about 10% of your viewers. Yes, 10%. And if your post is fire right off the top, THEN it will be shown to the other 90%. This is why some pictures don't do so hot & others do GREAT.



Commenting AND responding to comments is a MUST. Respond to comments. Asap. Engage. You wouldn't ignore someone if they asked "where'd you get that dope jacket?" And this is how IG is taking the whole commenting convos. They monitor how much your engaging with followers. So even if the comment doesn't require a response, like it. Show IG you're a solid, engaging person or else you're going into the shadows of Instagram. 

BUT here's the catch... You can't comment "dope pic!" or "cool shot!" 4x in a row. IG will catch on & then guess what? You're shadow banned. IG wants REAL, authentic engagement.

Also, word on the street is IG has caught on to Engagement Groups & Engagement Comment Pods...



Sorry but using an emoji as a caption is no longer good enough. Drop a question, a motivational quote, persuade people to drop a comment & engage with your post. 

Hashtags are also now a game changer for those who actually use them. No more dot, dot, dot, 30 hashtags or leaving a comment full of hashtags. IG sees that as spam aka shadow banned. You better find 10 or less specific hashtags and hope for the best. Also, follow hashtags that interest you. Use IG's new features (even if you're not a fan). 


Post regularly. Not 40 stories a day but maybe 4 or 5. Respond to people who dm you on your stories. Tag your location in your story. Use a hashtag. Shout out your fav Instagramers if they respond to your comment. IG wants authenticity. 


When IG first started, no one selfishly got on just to see how many likes they were getting or to check their analytics. It was about getting on & seeing what your friends are up to. What was going on in their lives. Etc. 

This is how Instagram wants things to be. They want us to act like real people and converse with people. 

It's easy to get lost in your own world. After you post a picture, respond to all the comments & DMs, you forget to scroll and look at anyone else's content. You're not intentionally being selfish, but IG likes to think so. 

So take the time to follow, like and comment on others's pictures!


Give others credit. If you just bought a new shirt, tag the brand you got it from. If a jewelry store sends you a freebie, tag them and say thanks! Tag your friends in your pictures with them. Tag amazon for the new phone case you just received. Be a good Instagram citizen. 


It's not a great idea to post everyday. If you haven't noticed, celebrities and other influencers have cut down on how much their posting. Maybe every 3 or 4 days. Making sure that the content going out is FIRE.

So instead of stressing and posting something from 7 months ago, hold off & wait until you can take something new that you'll be proud of. 

You want people to click on your page, scroll through, spend time on your page.

As much as we wish we could back to simpler days, IG is not budging. No more copying and pasting comments, skipping others' posts & soaking up all the glory from your 20 unanswered comments. Time to spend some actual quality time on IG. 

SO all in all, AUTHENTIC ENGAGEMENT is the KEY to putting up with this new algorithm.

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Brandon Poplstein