6 IGTV Video Ideas That You Can Steal For Your Brand

Last week, Instagram rolled out a new featured called IGTV. In short, IGTV is Instagram’s own mobile-first version of YouTube. It’s focus is longer-form content with videos of up to 60 minutes… yes you read that correctly, 60-MINUTES.

So how do you use this? If you recently updated to the latest version of the app, there’s now a small TV icon next to your messages icon on your Instagram feed home screen. This is where you access IGTV channels & watch your favorite influencer’s content. There’s also a standalone app that you can access through The App store.  

After a week or so of playing around with the new platform, I was able to focus in on how to get the most out of the platform. So, I’m here to share all of my findings! IGTV 101 starts… now!


The screenshot on the left (above) shows the IGTV icon on the top left corner of the screen next to where you access your DM’s. The screenshot on the right (above) is of the IGTV App Store page.

Interviews / Q&A’s

Interviews and Q&A sessions are great ways to get industry leaders that your company has to provide great value to your audience. It’s a really simple way to get started and is a fun, engaging way for your audience to interact with your brand.

It’s awesome because you are free of time constraints and worry of bad IG live connections.  

Video Greetings or Introductions

Just like on YouTube, these introduction videos are a great way to let visitors know who you are, what you’re about, and what they can expect from following you.

Product Demos

Informational content such as product demos or tutorials are great ways to teach your audience how to use your product or service. Having a library of useful & helpful content can help build credibility in a particular industry or subject.

This is an awesome strategy for results-driven products such as makeup or skin care lines.

Recurring Segments

Turn your blog posts or podcasts into a more easily digestible video with IGTV. When used consistently, you give your audience something to look forward to week after week, keep them coming back, boosting engagement


If IG Live is already your thing for creating educational videos or just engaging with your fans, this is an opportunity to provide real value that sticks. Build to your Instagram presence and establish your credibility. Think of this as more of a resource for your followers.

Repurpose Content

Take your previously recorded IG live streams and put them on your IGTV channel! This is a great way to extend your IG Story live past the typical 24-hour deadline. Just make sure that everything is recorded is vertical!

Overall, I would say that IGTV is a tool very useful tool that seems to be moving in the general trend of a mobile-first world. I'd be curious to see how industry leaders take advantage of the tool. Don't be afraid to try new things, be consistent, most importantly… Have fun!

Brandon Poplstein