Social Media Marketing Tips: Running Successful Instagram Contests

Did you know that Instagram accounts that regularly run contests grow up to 70% faster than accounts that don’t. In addition to gaining more followers, contests also increase comments by 65x and likes by 3.5x according to research from Tailwind.

Don’t miss out on the benefits from using this untapped goldmine. The key to running a successful Instagram contest is creating a plan of action that works for your brand and your followers.

Luckily, we’ve put together a few tips to ensure your next competition is a successful one.

Follow The Rules

Instagram contests are great, but when you don’t follow the rules…It can actually hurt your engagement rate. Here’s the deal. Follow these and you’ll be safe:

  • Spell out official rules, terms, and eligibility requirements.
  • Promotions must include a complete release of Instagram by each entrant or participant.
  • It must be acknowledged that the promotion is in no way affiliated with or sponsored by Instagram.

You want to do this to release Instagram for any liability.

Study What Others Are Doing

You can learn a lot from taking a look at what some of your competitors are doing on social media. You can take the examples and learn techniques to your own operation.

Types of Contests

  • Like-to-win: This is where participants like an Instagram post to enter your contest. For a contest to be deemed successful, you need to get more than a few likes on a post. You need to increase your overall follower base, reach new people, and increase your overall engagement for good.
  • Comment-to-win: This is when participants comment on your Instagram post for a chance to win whatever it is you’re giving away.
  • Tag-to-win: Great for getting in front of your current client’s friends, or just new potential customers in general. This content requires participants to tag a friend (or 2) on an Instagram post to enter.
  • Photo Challenge: A simple Tag-to-win campaign can be beneficial, but if you’re looking to get your brand even more exposure, a photo challenge might be thing your page needs. A Photo challenge is when participants post a photo on their personal account using your specific hashtag.
  • Repost-to-win: This is when participants repost a specific Instagram Image you’ve shared onto their Instagram profiles.

Make It Worth Your Followers Time

If you want your customers to engage with any type of contests that you host, it has to be worth their time. If your followers don’t feel like they aren’t getting an extraordinary value by entering the contest, they won’t participate in it.

For example, $10 gift cards are great for like-to-enter contests. However, you’re going to need a budget of around $50-$100+ if you want your followers to repost your image on their page.

Make It Easy To Enter

Make sure the rules of your contests are simple to understand & neatly outlined in the caption. If you’re asking your followers to like, comment, tag, share, and hashtag your post then you are asking them way to much. The less your customers have to do to enter, the easier it’s going to be to get them to participate.

Promote The Hell Out Of It

Send an email blast, post on your Twitter & Facebook, featuring the contest on your website, and even have an In-store sign if you have to. The more you cross-promote your contest, the better your results will be. If you’re killing it across all platforms, you’ll start to see your engagement grow at a must faster & more efficient rate.